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About Us


Open Door Learning Center (ODLC) is focused on improving preschool and kindergarten services throughout Loudoun County.

Our daily schedule offers a wide variety of activities that include:

  • learning exploration centers
  • gross and fine motor skill development
  • music activities
  • social skill building
  • library time
  • outside play and more!

Our experienced teachers give individualized attention to our early learners at a low student-to-teacher ratio (typically 6:1). We also have potty training for all ages. Your early learner does not need to be toilet-trained to join ODLC!

Open Door Learning Center is committed to improving preschool and kindergarten services throughout Loudoun County.


At ODLC, we believe that early intervention and preschool programs succeed when there are skilled, well-trained, and experienced staff members in small classes with a nurturing atmosphere. We maintain structured and predictable classroom settings where learning can be enjoyed through the child’s exploration of their environment, recognition of his/her interests, hands-on activities, opportunities for socialization, and the continual enhancement of communication and cognition.

We use the best practices in early childhood education including detailed knowledge of developmental milestones, appropriate developmental behaviors, and techniques designed to assist children as they gain autonomy. Children learn to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. We achieve this through the principles of positive reinforcement, individuation, and scaffolding so every child develops a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Our Child Study Teams regularly discuss each child’s needs and goals as they make recommendations for future implementation.

We take our children on what may be their first foray into the wider world and its opportunities. Our daily schedules include pre-literacy and pre-math instruction as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills. We also prioritize time for imaginative and symbolic play. Each child participates in enrichment programs such as music and dance, time in nature, and visits with a specially-trained therapy dog.